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The World Does Nothing

Photographer Killed by Myanmar Military

The people of Myanmar, formerly Burma, have stood up for their rights in the past few weeks in order to achieve democracy and the freedoms it entails. Unfortunately, they have paid the price for those freedoms. With the government there shutting down national internet access, the reports are sketchy, but a number of protesters and at least one journalist have died. Kenji Nagai, the aforementioned journalist, a Japanese photographer, was deliberately shot by a soldier. He spent his final moments alive with a camera clutched in his hands.

The American media has pushed this story to the back pages of the newspaper, but it is possibly the most important story at this moment. We, who enjoy so many freedoms, stand passively by while other nations who actually demand democracy (unlike Iraq). There are so many things that should be said, that need to be said, about this situation – it is inconceivable.

The best site for updated news on these events is Mizzima News, based in India, which seems to be getting the news much faster than any of the mainstream outlets.


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Our next meeting will be held this Wednesday (the 26th) at 6:30 p.m. in the Scrounge at Perkins Student Center (on Academy St.). This is the last call for rough drafts. If we don’t have them by this meeting, we will not be accepting them. Music, movie, and book reviews of material already in release are due the same day. If you want to review something which is released between now and Oct. 5th, we’ll set up due dates individually. Finally, if you haven’t been assigned an editor or are having problems with the editing process, feel free to let us know. Send all drafts and other concerns to us at derridevil@gmail.com. If you’re interested in layout, cover design, or photography, please let us know as we’re heading into those stages of production in the coming weeks.

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Just in case you haven’t seen this video, we respectfully present the tasing of a university student. The video induces a strange mixture of hilarity and righteous indignation. The victim was loud-mouthed and histrionic, but this represents the sorry state of our freedom of speech. Meanwhile, nearly every student in the audience appears ambivalent. We’ll be running a story about this incident in the next issue, written by James Adams Smith. In the meantime, enjoy this video and watch out for the rent-a-cops with tasers.

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Our next meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. this Wednesday (Sept. 19th) in the Scrounge at Perkins Student Center on Academy St. We’ll talk more about layout, photography, the first draft stage, and reviews. Try to get first drafts sent to us by this evening at derridevil@gmail.com. If you’d like first dibs on a music, movie, or book review, send us an email. Try to review things which will be released in October, when the magazine is published.

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First Drafts

First drafts of articles for Deconstruction are due this coming Monday, September 17th. Send them as attached Word (.doc) or rich text (.rtf) documents to our email address (derridevil@gmail.com). If you want to write a review for the magazine, send us a pitch. We are especially interested in films, cds, and books that will be released sometime close to our anticipated print date, October 4th. Deconstruction also welcomes concert reviews.

Important Fall ’07 Dates and Deadlines

  • Sept. 17th – First Drafts¬†
  • Sept. 24th – Second Drafts (if necessary)
  • Sept. 27th – Final Drafts and Photo Deadline
  • Oct. 1st-4th – Layout Week
  • Oct. 4th – Magazine sent to Printers
  • Oct. 15th and 16th – Kiosk Distribution (in Trabant)
  • Oct. 19th or 23rd – Launch Party
  • Oct. 26th – Fall Break

Once we receive first drafts, we will distribute photo assignments. If you’re interested in photography or layout, send us an email and we’ll add you to our email list.

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The first meeting of DEconstruction will be held Tuesday (Sept. 11) at 6 p.m. in the Scrounge at Perkins Student Center (on Academy Street). We’ll be discussing the next issue of the magazine and brainstorming and assigning ideas for articles. If you can’t attend but have an idea of what you want to work on, send us an email at derridevil@gmail.com. We hope to see you there!

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