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DEconstruction magazine is a student-run magazine, founded in 2002 at the University of Delaware, which covers a variety of topics and styles of writing. Published twice a semester, the magazine includes personal essays, editorials, satire, parody, and reviews. We cover every issue imaginable including current events, pop culture, student life, humor, and entertainment.

DEconstruction‘s namesake is the philosophy developed by Jacques Derrida, which questions our assumptions about text and language. The definition is not as relevant to the magazine as creators Dan Gray and Dan Halprin would have hoped, but their creation survives as a forum for student creativity on campus.

The blog will serve as a congregation place where editors and contributors can meet and keep updated on the happenings of the magazine. Selected works will be published on the blog to be appreciated and discussed. Articles which the magazine did not have the space to include may also show up here.

If you would like to submit a story, please email us at derridevil@gmail.com . We’re happy to read your submission and help you improve as a writer.

Thanks for checking us out and return to find out what’s going on at DEconstruction!

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