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The World Does Nothing

Photographer Killed by Myanmar Military

The people of Myanmar, formerly Burma, have stood up for their rights in the past few weeks in order to achieve democracy and the freedoms it entails. Unfortunately, they have paid the price for those freedoms. With the government there shutting down national internet access, the reports are sketchy, but a number of protesters and at least one journalist have died. Kenji Nagai, the aforementioned journalist, a Japanese photographer, was deliberately shot by a soldier. He spent his final moments alive with a camera clutched in his hands.

The American media has pushed this story to the back pages of the newspaper, but it is possibly the most important story at this moment. We, who enjoy so many freedoms, stand passively by while other nations who actually demand democracy (unlike Iraq). There are so many things that should be said, that need to be said, about this situation – it is inconceivable.

The best site for updated news on these events is Mizzima News, based in India, which seems to be getting the news much faster than any of the mainstream outlets.


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